Episode #31 - The Viking Soul - Viking Worlds IV

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The Viking Soul - Viking Worlds IV

In this episode we get deep into the weeds and examine some intriguing clues as to what Pagan Scandinavians may have though about the soul.

We talk about decorated helmets, battles with bears and women who are taller than the mountains. Along the way we will hopefully get a little closer to understanding the nature of the Viking worldview.

This episode is a little different, but I hope you enjoy!

And here are some examples of the art described in the episode. All of which are taken from Lotte Hedeager’s excellent Iron Age Myth and Materiality.

Tunic Edging from Norway Tunic Edging from Norway featuring intertwining animal motifs.

Intertwined humans from Sweden Intertwined human body parts, found on a drinking horn in Sweden.

Human / Boar Hybrid A hybrid human / boar, found a belt buckle in Denmark.

Hybrid Humans Various human / animal hybrids, found in Germany.

Braceates Figurative Braceates illustrating shape changing.

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