Eastern Way IV - Gamla Uppsala

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Eastern Way IV - Gamla Uppsala

In this episode we are going to explore the rise of a major center of political, economic and religious life in the land of the Svear - the magnate’s residence at Gamla Uppsala.

Along the way, we’ll discuss monumental burial mounds, systems of iron age land-rights and the deaths of many, many kings.

I hope you enjoy.



In Austrvegr: The Role of the Eastern Baltic in Viking Age Communication across the Baltic Sea by Marika Mägi

The Emergence of Rus 750 - 1200 by Simon Franklin and Jonathan Shepard

The Age of the Vikings by Anders Winroth

The Baltic Region, Russia, Byzantium and the Caliphate in The Vikings by Else Roesdahl. Translated by Kristen Williams and Susan Margeson

Chapter 6 - Across the Baltic in The Vikings: A history by Robert Ferguson

Part V: The Vikings in the East in The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings by John Haywood

Scandinavians in European Russia by Thomas S. Noonan in The Oxford Illustrated History of the Vikings edited by Peter Sawyer

The Viking Age in Finland by Torsten Edgren in The Viking World edited by Stefan Brink in collaboration with Neil Price

The Vikings and the Eastern Baltic by Heiki Valk in The Viking World edited by Stefan Brink in collaboration with Neil Price

The Viking Rus and Byzantium by Jonathan Shepard in The Viking World edited by Stefan Brink in collaboration with Neil Price

An Arena for Higher Powers: Ceremonial Buildings and Religious Strategies for Rulership in Late Iron Age Scandinavia by Olof Sundqvist

Ancient Scandinavia by T. Douglas Price

Primary Sources

Heimskringla I translated by Anthony Faulkes and Alison Finley.

Prose Edda translated by Jesse Byock

Poetic Edda translated by Carolyn Larrington

Gamla Uppsala

Dating Two Royal Mounds of Old Uppsala by John Ljungkvist

Gamla Uppsala – the emergence of a centre and a magnate complex by John Ljungkvist and Per Frölund

Gamla Uppsala — Structural Development of a Centre in Middle Sweden by John Ljungkvist, Per Frölund · Hans Götheberg and Daniel Löwenborg

An Iron Age Shock Doctrine – Did the AD 536-7 event trigger large-scale social changes in the Mälaren valley area? by Daniel Löwenborg

(Ancient Scandinavia and An Arena for Higher Powers, both of which are cited in the ‘General’ Section were also essential resources for the reconstruction of Gamla Uppsala we explored in this episode.)

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