Episode #23 - Carolingian Viking Age I - The Rise of the Franks

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Carolingian Viking Age I - The Rise of the Franks

In this episode we introduce the Carolingian Viking Age and then plot the rise of the Frankish Kingdoms to set the stage for rise of the Carolingian Empire.

Along the way we will witness the Rise of Clovis, discuss the process of Ethnogenesis and take a look at the career of the infamous Merovingian Queen, Brunhild of Austrasia.

For more information on the aftermath of the Fall of the Western Roman Empire I highly recommend Chris Wickham’s excellent The Inheritance of Rome.

And as promised, here are the maps for this episode!

Map of Western Europe Circa 500 CE

Map of Merovingian Frankish Conquests

Map of Western Europe Circa 600 CE

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