Episode #21 - The Life and Legend of Turgeis

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The Life and Legend of Turgeis

In this episode we talk about the Life and Legend of the infamous Viking Chieftain - Turgeis.

From 838 to 845 CE we are told that Turgeis, a Chieftain from Norway ruled the Vikingar in Ireland. He led a royal fleet to ravage the North of Ireland. He and his forces usurped the Abbacy of Armagh and his Wife Ota is said to have performed Pagan rituals on the altar of Clonmacnoise. Turgeis has been the boogie-man of the Irish Viking Age ever since.

But how much of this tale is actually the stuff of legend? Well, you’ll just have to listen to the episode to find out.

And as promised, here are the maps for this episode!

Map of Viking Raids on Ireland between 838 and 842 CE

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