Episode #22 - The Heathens still at Duhblinn: Of Viking Longphorts

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The Heathens still at Duhblinn: Of Viking Longphorts

In this episode we explore the construction, function and purpose of the Viking Longphorts which were established in Eastern Ireland in 841 CE.

These sites, Linn Duachaill in County Louth and Duhblinn, give us a fascinating view into the lives of early Vikingar in Ireland and allow us to see how their role changed after the establishment of permanent bases.

Along the way we will see Irish Kings go to war with swords and bishops staffs and witness the importance of Horses to Viking warfare.

And as promised, here are the maps for this episode!

Map of Viking Longphort Sites in Eastern Ireland as of 841 CE

Additionally, here are some maps detailing the construction and structure of the longphorts at Linn Duachaill and Duhblinn. They are both reprinted from the paper “The longphort in Viking-Age Ireland: the archaelogical evidence” by Eamonn P. Kelly. This paper can be found in “The Vikings in Ireland and Beyond”.

Map of Linn Duachaill

Map of longphort at Linn Duachaill

Map of Duhblinn

Map of longphort at Duhblinn

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