COA13 - The Christianization of Iceland

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The Christianization of Iceland

In this episode we are going to discuss the first hundred years or so of the Christianization process in Iceland. We will discuss Chieftains, Priests, Churches and the aspirations of one particularly ambitious Icelandic family.

I do hope you enjoy.


The Book of Settlements: Landnámabók translated by Pálsson, H., & Edwards, P. G.

Íslendingabók & Kristni Saga translated by Siân Grønlie.

Hungrvaka translated by Camilla Basset.

Eyrbyggja saga. translated by Pálsson, H., & Edwards, P. G.

Viking Age Iceland by Jesse Byock.

The Conversion of Iceland by Dag Strömbäck. Translated by Peter Foote.

The Christianization of Iceland: Priests, Power, and Social Change 1000-1300 by Orri Vesteinsson

Power and Conversion — A Comparative Study of Christianization in Scandinavia by Alexandra Sanmark.

The Viking diaspora. by Judith Jesch.

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