COA08 - Bringing Thor to Iceland

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Bringing Thor to Iceland

In this episode we continue our exploration of Pagan Practice in Iceland by taking a look at religious roles and responsibilities held by some of the first Icelandic settlers and how these roles translated to their new home. We will be discussing:

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Our recommended reading for this episode is the excellent The Viking Diaspora by Judith Jesch. This has been one of my major sources for the entire Children of Ash series and now seems like a good time to introduce it. An essential resource for information about the Icelandic Free State and the ongoing connections between the Norse colonies throughout the North Atlantic.


Eyrbyggja saga. translated by Pálsson, H., & Edwards, P. G.

The Book of Settlements: Landnámabók translated by Pálsson, H., & Edwards, P. G.

The Poetic Edda translated by Jackson Crawford

The Prose Edda by Snorri Sturluson. Translated by Jesse Byock.

The Viking diaspora. by Judith Jesch.

Hof, Halls, Goðar and Dwarves by Terry Gunnell

Horg, hov and ve – a pre-Christian cult place at Ranheim in Trøndelag, Norway, in the 4rd – 10th centuries AD by Preben Rønne

Blót and Þing. The function of the tenth-century Goði. In A Piece of Horse Liver by Jón Hnefill Aðalsteinsson

A ceremonial building as a ‘home of the gods’? by Lars Larsson

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