Episode #4 - Ard Times (Come Again No More)

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Ard Times (Come Again No More)

Hello, my name is Lee and this is Episode #4 - Ard Times (Come Again No More)!

In this episode we will be covering the period from about 3500 BCE - 2800 BCE, when Agriculture really took hold in Scandinavia. We will explore what settlement patterns emerged, how agriculture was practiced and how the newly-minted Scandinavian farmers formed a relationship with the land they cultivated.

In the process we will learn about the impact of Polished Flint Axes and the Ard, take a tour of a Stone Age Farmhouse and become acquainted with the construction of Megalithic tombs which are still visible today, almost 6000 years later.

The farming life was hard during this period, and the goal of this episode is to both bring that stark reality to life. While doing so we will also explore some of the ways in which early Farmers adapted to this life, and the ways in which created relationships with their own past as well as the land they worked.

And, as promised in the episode, here are some pictures to help you visulize some of the innovations dicussed in this episode!

Polished Flint Axes

alt text

A reconstructed flint axe found in Sigerslev Bog near Præstø, Denmark. Image from The National Museum of Denmark

The Ard

alt text

Diagram of the construction of the ard plow. Image from Wikipedia

An Ard Plow in action. Video from SagnlandetLejre.

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