Episode #32 - Anniversary Q&A

- 1 min

The Anniversary Q&A

The podcast is turning one!

In this episode we answer listener questions to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the podcast!

Curious why Lee cares about the Viking Age? Want to know about Viking Age Textiles? Is there any truth to those damned horned helmets? All this and more will be revealed.

And as promised in the episode - pictures and links!

The Jelling Stone
Image of Christ from the Jelling Stone in Jelling, Denmark.

Weapon Dancer Odin
Image of Odin as a weapon dancer with horned helmet.

History Podcasts Lee Recommends

The British History Podcast

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The History of Byzantium

The Civil War (1861 - 1865): A History Podcast

Naked Mormonism

Battles of the First World War

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